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Subject: Re: So???
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From: Moderate <>
Subject: Re: So???
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Carbon<> Wrote in message:
> On 12/01/2017 01:22 PM, Dene wrote:
>> President-ELECT may have directed Flynn to talk to the Russians. So....?!  What does this have to
do with the election???
> So, MAGA: Mueller Ain't Going Away.
> Specifically, the guilty pleas have reached the inner circle, guaranteeing that all the beans will
be spilled. 
> Haven't you ever wondered how Trump is still Trump after all his bankruptcies? I mean, he blew
through Daddy's mountain of money almost as fast as he inherited it, but somehow there were always
curiously profitable real estate transactions with Russian interests to soften the blow(s). Well,
Mueller and his team of seasoned forensic accountants have Trump's financials and that too will be
answered--probably before the 2018 midterms.
> What interesting times we live in! Don't you agree?

I love how these retards are so sure of things they have zero
 knowledge about.