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Carbon wrote:
> Trump puts his money on display like rookie NBA players do when they get drafted. It's 
> all chrome and hooptie rims. By which I mean, I would be very surprised if Trump has 
> anything like the amount of wealth that he brags about. If he was truly worth "in excess 
> of TEN BILLION DOLLARS," would he really be buying used 20+ year-old jets and 
> getting them reskinned? 

After Forbes found out that Commerce Sec'y Wilbur Rice outright lied a out his Net Worth...


....they also knocked Trump down by around a half bil; believe he's at $3.1B now - but this 
also reveals the limitations of how deeply Forbes can assay: for all we know, he could have 
an additional $4B in hidden debts to some secretive illegal folks and be in the hole.

> But I don't care about those lies. Flynn has to tell the truth or he will die in jail. It's all 
> going to come out now. 

An interesting part will be if they used that info to obtain warranted wire taps in place today,
specifically to listen to their reaction traffic for additional incriminating evidence.