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Subject: Re: So???
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On 12/02/2017 09:33 AM, Dene wrote:

> With Flynn's guilty plea, is it Trump impeachment time yet?
> The author summarizes with this.....
> “To be sure, we have to draw some distinctions. It is hardly inappropriate for a newly elected
president and his transition team to have discussions with officials in other nations, including
Russia. It is perfectly legitimate for them to explore issues of policy and potential plans. If
members of a transition team reach out to other countries, and offer signals about the inclinations
of the incoming president, it would be much worse than reckless to start talking about
> IOW Carbs....a few beans ain’t a pot of chili.

You need to come to terms with reality. Flynn will only get the cushy plea agreement if he fully
cooperates until the investigation is over. The next steps up the chain involve members of Trump's
own family, specifically Jared and L'il Donnie. Concurrent with that, Mueller has a small army of
financial fraud investigators combing through Trump's unusually profitable business dealings with
Russian nationals. 

This is all going to hit the fan well before the 2018 midterms.