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But really: is anyone shocked?

'A construction company owned in part by the governments of Saudi Arabia 
and South Korea plans to build a Trump-branded luxury resort development 
in Indonesia despite a vow from Donald Trump that his family business 
would not make any deals with foreign government entities while he 
serves as president.'


'This Trump International Hotel and Tower Lido project is the latest 
example of a slew of potential conflicts of interest Trump faces as he 
serves as president while continuing to own his vast real estate empire. 
McClatchy reported in September that a major construction company owned 
by the Chinese government was awarded a $32-million contract to build a 
six-lane road as part of the residential piece of the Trump World Golf 
Club Dubai project.

This, after the Trump Organization agreed to not engage in any new 
foreign deals or new transactions with a foreign entity — country, 
agency, official, sovereign wealth fund or member of a royal family — 
other than “normal and customary arrangements” made before his 
inauguration. It withdrew from some projects, including those in 
Argentina, Georgia and India, but kept others, including those in 
Canada, the United Arab Emirates and Uruguay.'