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Subject: Re: Travel ban affirmed
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Subject: Re: Travel ban affirmed
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DumbedDownUSA wrote:
> Moderate wrote:
>> "DumbedDownUSA"<>  Wrote in message:
>>> Moderate wrote:
>>>> "DumbedDownUSA" .
>>>>> You pretend to have no clue of how your support for a racist and
>> his>>  >  racist policies and failure to criticise, no matter condemn,
>> overtly>>  >  racist rhetoric on the part of Trump is percieved.
>>>>> I'll just let you know your pretence is transparent; you may as
>> well>>  >  drop it. If only honesty wasn't such a foreign concept to
>> you.`>>  >
>>>> What racist policies?
>>> You'd have to be a pretty deep seated racist to have to ask.
>> Such a dishonest coward. Can't even defend his own claims. #eurotrash.
> I'm not Baker you know. When I say something it means something.