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Subject: Re: Travel ban affirmed
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Subject: Re: Travel ban affirmed
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Moderate wrote:
> "DumbedDownUSA"<>  Wrote in message:
>> Moderate wrote:
>>> Such a dishonest coward. Can't even defend his own claims. #eurotrash.
>> I'm not Baker you know. When I say something it means something.
> Bwaahaahaa.  You don't know shit.
>> Your childish rhetoric is demeans you.
>> It was noted that you only question the policies; that is, you know and
>> accept that Trumps rhetoric is deeply racist.
>> Given that rhetoric do you really question that his islamaphobic travel
>> ban and immigration policies are racially motivated... that his
>> decision to move the US emabassy to Jerusalem is anything but racially
>> motivated.
>> Before you attempt to claim otherwise recognise that defending racism
>> is a pretty good indicator of racism.
>> Prove me right sunshine.
> I will go with the SC decision, eurotrash.
> For 20 years the Democratic Party platform acknowledged Jerusalem
>   as the Capitol of Israel. Obama campaigned on it.

And they all voted for it. Of course, they were for it, before they were 
against it. Feinstein came out today saying how bad it was. Yet, in 1995 
she was all for it. Hmmm, now what could the difference be.