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From: Alan Baker <>
Subject: Re: Big Fat Dem Lies....
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From: Alan Baker <>
Subject: Re: Big Fat Dem Lies....
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2017 15:00:06 -0800
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On 2017-12-06 2:02 PM, Dene wrote:
> Read to the bottom for the conclusion.  3-4 Pinocchios for the big fat Dem liars.
> BTW...I'm middle class and I'm getting a nice tax cut.  Furthermore, it may be simple enough that
I can do my own taxes.  That alone saves me $1500.

Find a little thing that is misstated...

....declare it a "Big Fat Lie"...

....meanwhile deliberately missing the terrible truth that this is all 
going to benefit the richest at the expense of everyone else.