From: Moderate <>
Subject: Re: Travel ban affirmed
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From: Moderate <>
Subject: Re: Travel ban affirmed
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2017 06:29:09 -0600 (CST)
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"DumbedDownUSA"<> Wrote in message:
> Moderate wrote:
>> To date you have provided zero evidence of racist policies.  You
>>  are the only one spewing racist rhetoric.
>> That is the truth.
> Are you fucking kidding?
> Are you so racist you choose not to see these things? No. You defend
> these things because you agree with them and pretend they are not
> racist.
> What do you call the anti-islamic retweets?
> You really want to claim that retweeting anti-muslim videos from a
> racist hate site is not racist rhetoric?
> When an anti-islamist invokes policy against muslims it's because he is
> a racist.
> You have nowhere to go on this. You called every muslim a terrorist
> yourself... or are you going to claim you were calling them liberals?
> You have no relationship with the truth.
> You are simply a vile, ignorant, poorly educated racist, like your
> president.
> You are no better than any terrorists; you support the same extreme
> policies.
> The world will be a better place when Trump is removed from office, by
> any means, and vile scum like you crawl back under their stones.

Zero mention of racist policies noted.