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Subject: Re: FBI
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Subject: Re: FBI
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MNMikeW<> Wrote in message:
> Carbon wrote:
>>>> It means exactly what I intended it to mean.
>>>> "Never about Russia" is implausible.
>>> LOL! It looks more like it everyday. Muellers phony fishing
>>> expedition seems to be coming up empty, he had to switch baits.
>> It's never too late for you propaganda victims to learn some history,
>> specifically Ken Starr's Special Counsel investigation of Bill
>> Clinton's alleged involvement in Vince Foster's death and financial
>> crimes in Whitewater. You do remember that, correct? It wasn't that
>> long ago. Anyway, Starr couldn't find meaningful evidence about
>> either of those, but he did learn that ol' Bill did enjoy a nice
>> blowjob on a summer evening. Lying about that was what actually got
>> Clinton in trouble.
>> Does any of this ring a bell? I guess the point should be special
>> prosecutors have wide authority to follow investigations wherever
>> they lead. Jumping back to the present, Mueller has learned that
>> while no legitimate US banks would touch Trump after his multiple
>> billions in loan defaults, Russian banks were happy to give him
>> money. And so was Deutche Bank, which has already been found guilty
>> of laundering billions of dollars in dirty money tied to Russian
>> organized crime and Putin-connected oligarchs (if those are
>> different).
>> At the risk of stating the obvious, the fact that Trump can only get
>> funding for his projects from Russian and Russian-aligned banks is a
>> lot more connected to the original purpose of the investigation than
>> getting caught lying about getting blowjobs from an intern in the
>> Rose Garden.
> Care to tell us when these loans happened?