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From: Alan Baker <alangbaker@telus.net>
Subject: OT: You can have your own opinions... (taxes and growth)
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From: Alan Baker <alangbaker@telus.net>
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Subject: OT: You can have your own opinions... (taxes and growth)
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2017 14:31:40 -0800
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....but you can't have your own facts:

'Anyone telling you that lower tax rates lead to faster economic growth 
in the U.S. either should begin by explaining why this time it’s 
different or has nothing useful to say about the subject.'


'In other words, for all the years for which official data exists, 
higher tax rates have been accompanied by faster economic growth and 
lower tax rates were accompanied by slower economic growth. '

Got that, wing nuts:

What you're dreaming will happen this time...

....has never EVER happened.