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Subject: Re: Silly CNN
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Subject: Re: Silly CNN
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Dene wrote:

> Must’ve been a real slow news week…
> CNN mocked after obsessing over white truck that blocked view of
> Trump playing golf

The irony here is that while mocking CNN, rather poorly, they draw
attention to how embarrassed Trump is to be seen playing golf yet again.

What's to be mocked here; CNN for trying to get a picture of the
president going about his day or the president for ordering a white
truck to stalk him along the route in order to prevent such reporting.

So do Fox report how much time Trump has spent on his own properties
this year and how much his companies have made out of that choice.
That's your money that's going in his pocket every time he plays golf.

Not worth reporting on, huh.

Trump ***Irresponsible, unprofessional and sending the wrong message.***