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On Sunday, December 31, 2017 at 2:02:46 AM UTC-5, Dene wrote:
> On Saturday, December 30, 2017 at 2:20:42 AM UTC-5, Dene wrote: 
> > Must’ve been a real slow news week… 
> > 
> > CNN mocked after obsessing over white truck that blocked view of Trump playing golf 
> Your little " Scumbag Stalkers Fan Club" is out from under their rocks! 
> And the hot Santa Anna winds are at full speed. 
> What, Assholes. 
> But so amusing with their babbling raves. 
> Keep up the good work. 
> ——————————
> Yeah....three liberal circle-jerking on Trump hate.
> Two of the jerk-offs are foreigners who are primarily here to troll.
> Sad what this room has devolved to.

Oh, look:  its a reply which "doesn't count" because of a semantic loophole..
Which means this is YA illustration of Greg being a hypocrite. 

And reliance on such duplicities makes one wonder what other claims 
from Greg are reliant on half truths.  

For example, Greg's "I paid for my kids' college" statement carries with it
the implication that he paid the full tuition cost for all four years.  We've already
seen how much the average financial aid changes that equation, but there's
potentially more to that as well, as it has become more common as of late 
to reduce these expenses even further by a student not spending all four years 
at the big name four year school, but by doing their first two years at a local, 
much less expensive local community college.

FWIW, just this past year, the State of TN started a "free two years" community 
college program that encourages precisely this approach to education: 


This when present would certainly shift the connotations of an attempted brag,
even though there's really nothing at all wrong with this approach; indeed, it is a
savvy way to go to cut educational costs nearly in half...if that's what the brag
was about (or not, if it was 'conveniently' skipped).  Plus this approach often can 
make admissions to be less stringent as well.  

FWIW, this approach may have some longer term unintended consequences, 
where it increases four year school expenses even further because they now 
receive fewer years' of payment from each graduate...this is currently a TBD 
in TN as many schools haven't tracked their educational cost variance by 
student year to know if there is/isn't a variance - - although by a simple 
metric of just average class size, it appears likely.