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greg wrote:
> carbon wrote:
>> Speaking of trolling. You know Trump is corrupt and inept just as well as 
>> the rest of us. And yet here you are, day after day, fanning the flames as 
>> much as you possibly can. 
> 95% of the MSM Coverage and 100% of your posts about Trump are negative. 

Apparently, this "95%" metric must mean that Greg's excluding sources of fake 
news such as Fox.  /S. 

And similarly, the "100%" tries to imply that there really is objectively good news 
from Trump has done that's not that which was narrowly and partisanly for his 
base only, but actually worthy of positive merit for _all_ Americans to give him 
due credit for.

> You expect me to just go along with this sad reality without countering it? 

Since this sad reality is that of his failing leadership for all Americans, the idea of 
countering criticism of it is to perpetuate more kickbacks to the .1% and more 
divisive partisanship to delude his voters to have him continue to act against their own
long term best interests.  FYI, if "infrastructure!" and "jobs!" were supposedly such 
important priorities, then why did Trump just defund the Hudson River tunnel project?
Might it be that a partisan "fuck you" to a Blue State is more important than the economy?