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Alan wrote:
> Dene wrote: 
>> No I’m not. I think a lot of times money is counted in a deceitful way.  For 
>> example. Payroll for security.  Was extra security hired or were these people 
>> already being paid by the federal government? 
> Which is a nice strawman, Greg. 
> See if you can figure out why. 

It's a deflection attempt on Greg's part, so that he can try to invoke 
a "Fake News!" claim on the report.

For example, establishing a new secure location has additional costs because 
the site needs to be surveyed (labor), vulnerabilities identified (labor) & countered
(equipment purchases, installation, pilot testing, V&V, etc).  And then once deployed, 
there's the direct & indirect costs of flying Air Force One (equipment & crews) and 
the travel & per diem costs for all security staff .. because they're no longer staying at home.
Ditto for all of the non-security staff too.

For a quick example of this last one, the 2017 Per Diem rates for Miami are $260/pp-day, 
which does not include any transportation (flights to/from D.C. as well as a local rental car, etc).

As such for an utter bare bones 30 person contingent (probably closer to what a minor Secretary gets)
for a short five day trip, you're looking at 30*260*5 = $40K in basic Per Diem costs before you even 
consider their labor hours, any transportation, etc.  For the POTUS with support staff, I'd figure
least a hundred people going on TDY, so easily $150K for Per Diem, plus a hundred commercial 
airline flights at $500 each for another +$50K, etc...all of which are not paid when "home" in DC.