From: Moderate <>
Subject: Re: Trump has now spent more than a 3rd of his presidency at hisproperties and a 4th at his golf clubs
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From: Moderate <>
Subject: Re: Trump has now spent more than a 3rd of his presidency at his
properties and a 4th at his golf clubs
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2018 13:33:20 -0600 (CST)
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> On Mon, 1 Jan 2018 16:36:27 +0000 (UTC), "DumbedDownUSA"
><> wrote:
>>Moderate wrote:
>>> "DumbedDownUSA"<> Wrote in message:
>>> > Moderate wrote:
>>> > 
>>> >> > Are you hoping to make this canard true through sheer repetition?
>>> >> >  
>>> >> > 
>>> >> Like collusion?
>>> >> 
>>> > 
>>> > You are the one who brings up that subject daily; so you see how
>>> > it's not like that at all?
>>> > 
>>> >> You are consistently wrong about Trump.
>>> > 
>>> > You consistently have NOTHING of substance to offer in counter
>>> > argument to the views expressed here.
>>> > 
>>> > You simply repeat meaningless mantras... which rather goes to Carbs
>>> > point about Greg.
>>> > 
>>> Collusion was all you idiots talked about. 
>>That's a lie.
>>> Nobody brings it up
>>>  now besides me, because I won't let you lying fucks forget your
>>>  lies.
>>What lies? You have my permission to talk about collusion in this
>>context as long as you provide proof you are not simply lying.
>>You just called me a "lying fuck" about collusion. Provide some proof
>>you fucked up retard or shut that pisshole of a gob of yours. You're
>>just smelling the place out.
>>> There was no collusion.
>>That is not something you have a slightest clue about is it, doofus..
>>I wasn't aware the investigation was over and the report is in...
>>...if not then this is just another example of the shit you constantly
> Like saying there was no collusion.  Of course there was, but not by
> Trump himself...(or not proven yet).  Moderate is a stupid asshole who
> thinks he's bright and is consistently wrong. Manafort and Flynn
> damned sure were colluding with the Russians and idiots like Moderate 
> don't let themselves believe it.

DUMBASS says you never bring it up.

Manafort and Flynn were not colluding.  The Dems colluded with
 Russia to create a false document that was used by Dems to
 wiretap Trump.

Remember how the Dems chucked when Trump said he was wire tapped?