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DumbedDownUSA wrote:
> Dene wrote:
>> On Saturday, December 30, 2017 at 6:22:23 AM UTC-5, DumbedDownUSA
>> wrote:  - show quoted text -
>> Trump has spent $92 million taxpayer dollars on vacations in less
>> than one year, which is more than any previous president spent in his
>> first four years.
>> Cite....But regardless, the reason that is important is?
> Den(s)e proving yet again that ethics is just a dirty word to him.
> I guess the taxpayer will be paying a pretty penny for security tonight
> but Trump himslef will be cashing in by charging guests $750 a head.
> You have to be president to do that.
> Has any other president cashed in anything like as much as this guy?

LOL!!! Cough, Clintons, cough.