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The wife and kid makes sense, but sending the grown-ups and husbands 
on separate ski trips?  Plus the way too many golf outings.  Things 
that Trump made a point of about his predecessor. 
>>>> "The stated total of $147 milliodn for President Trump and family's 
>>>> travel expenditures over nine months was vastly exaggerated and 
>>>> unsupported by actual data." 
>>>> Moderate can never tell the whole truth.  There's always at least a 
>>>> lie by omission. 
>>> What lie would that be? 
>> Seriously? Which of the above did he fail to mention? 
>Why would he have to? He was calling out John on his $92 million claim. 
>Which, he seems afraid to post a cite for. 

For simple fairness.  Present both sides when it's obvious. 


Ironic isn’t it.  
BK claims interest in both sides yet claims to not be reading Moderate’s or my posts.