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Subject: Read this,,,all you can do it laugh! LOLOLOL!
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Subject: Read this,,,all you can do it laugh! LOLOLOL!
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'm sorry you didn't like my choice of words, but your understanding of 
what they mean doesn't change what I meant. 

I'm willing to debate--to put it in your terms, and my willingness 
certainly extends to allowing open discussion. 

If you were to examine the history (and I in no way am saying that you 
should) I think you'll find that it has always been the other party to 
the discussion that has made it acrimonious. 

Bobby: he just can't stand being told he's wrong... ...especially when 
he is wrong. We had a very civil debate which only degenerated when I 
used his own sources to show he was competely and quite obviously 
incorrect. He's only onside with Greg because Greg has changed sides 
about healthcare reform. 

Greg: he's a classic user. He was happy to treat me with respect when 
he wanted some specialized knowledge, and having got what he got and 
knowing he'll get no more, he's now willing to lie about me despite his 
professions of devout Christian faith. Similarly, he's abandoned his 
right-wing principles on socialized medicine since he's realized that 
it is very much to his financial advantage to do so. 

I could go on, but I challenged them to find a single instance of when 
I took an argument to personal attacks unless I was previously attacked.