From: Alan Baker <>
Subject: Re: The Memo for Dummies
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From: Alan Baker <>
Subject: Re: The Memo for Dummies
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On 2018-02-03 10:27 AM, Lord Butthurt wrote:
> Hillary/DNC hire foreign spy to write fake dossier about Trump.

Absolutely unproven.

> Hillary/DNC give fake dossier to Obama FBI and DOJ.

Which is in addition to information they already know.

> FBI and DOJ know the dossier is fake and politically motivated.


> FBI and DOJ present fake dossier to FISA court to get Trump wiretap.

Along with other information that they have.

> FBI and DOJ doesn't tell FISA court the dossier is fake and from Trump's
> campaign opponent.

You don't know what the FISA court was told.

> FISA court defrauded into ordering wiretapping of Trump campaign.

A wiretapping order that Rod Rosenstein then acts to renew.