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Subject: Re: Shitstain Baker...our little sociopath.
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From: "Lord Butthurt" <>
Subject: Re: Shitstain Baker...our little sociopath.
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2018 15:54:34 GMT
Organization: Despising the Shitstain
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On  4-Feb-2018, wrote:

> Definition: Sociopaths. Sociopaths are usually defined as people who
> display antisocial behavior which is mainly characterized by lack of
> empathy towards others, coupled with displays of abnormal moral conduct
> and an inability to conform with the norms of society

What kind of life must the shitstain have hanging out on usenet 24/7 posting
"I win!"?

Definitely the life of a sociopath shitstain.  Does the Canadian healthcare
system cover mental illness..or removing shitstains?