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Subject: Re: OT: Flipped...
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2018 17:47:10 GMT
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On  7-Feb-2018, Alan Baker<> wrote:

> ...and a huge swing in votes:
> 'Democrats won an exurban St. Louis seat in the Missouri state House of
> Representatives on Tuesday, racking up another victory in a district
> carried easily by President Trump in the 2016 election.
> Voters in Jefferson County appeared to choose Mike Revis, a 27-year old
> Democrat, to fill a seat left vacant when the incumbent quit to run for
> county executive. With all 10 precincts within the district reporting,
> Revis led Republican David Linton by 108 votes, or about 3 percentage
> points.
> If Revis's lead holds, it would mark a significant swing from 2016, when
> Trump won the district by a 61 percent to 33 percent margin. '
> <
> And this was right when Trump's approval was getting an uptick due to
> the bullshit about the memo.

And now for the news shitstain didn't report;

"Democrat Mike Revis snagged nearly 52 percent of the vote compared to
Republican David Linton