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Moderate wrote:

> With all of the evidence pointing to Dims this past week and more
>  coming out every hour.  

That would be a mix of none and nothing significant.

> And Republicans cheering on the Mueller
>  investigation,

Flip much?

It seems only moments ago you were screaming to call off the dogs.

Remind us of a few of the comments you have made about Mueller?

> I can only see one outcome.

You can only see what your right wing blogs tell you you can see.

> Mueller's report is going to be a scorched earth revelation across
>  Obama's crew of criminals.
> Follow the evidence.

It would be lovely if you stop making farting noises long enough for
some real evidence to be processed.

Let Mueller do his job unmolested by Republicans and right wing media
and shut the fuck up making so much noise about things you don't have
the brain power to comprehend.

Go post some twitter links or make paper chains or whatever they have
you do during your occcupational therapy... or your hourly check of
your  portfolio; how much you up this year?

Trump: If there is a shutdown I think it would be a tremendously
negative mark on the president of the United States. He