Subject: Re: Obamagate
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Subject: Re: Obamagate
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On 02/07/2018 08:36 PM, Alan Baker wrote:
> On 2018-02-07 8:24 PM, Moderate wrote:
>> -hh<> Wrote in message:
>>> It's even more fascinating to watch people try to whistle past the
>>> graveyard, pretending it's all "fake news" when there's been insider
>>> partisans who have already plead guilty to cut deals with the
>>> prosecutors to reduce their jail time.
>> Cite please.  Bwaahaahaa.
> Papadopolous: pleaded guilty.
> Michael Flynn: pleaded guilty.
....that we know about so far.

There will be another round of indictments sooner rather than later, and
at some point all of Trump's dirty laundry will get the public airing that
it so richly deserves. He'll be stick-a-fork-in-him done at that point as
far as public opinion is concerned at least. 

That said, there are millions of suckers out there that will always
support Trump no matter how corrupt and inept he is. They are impervious
to reason and they will jump at the chance to support the next half-wit
demagogue that rises from the ashes of the Republican party.