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Subject: Re: Obamagate
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Subject: Re: Obamagate
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DumbedDownUSA wrote:
> Mike the pussy wrote:
>>> You don't have any answers lately; it's pretty clear who is hiding.
>>> Only the Trumpets have ever been against the special investigation;
>>> the leftists haven't said a word against finding the truth.
>> Haven't been paying attention much I see.
> Yup, and I see you run like a scared little pussy from anything that
> asks you to substantiate any claim you make.
> In other words, you don't half make it look like you lie... a lot.
> I will now challenge you to substantiate your claim and watch as you
> disappear in a puff of pussydome.
What claim would that be? That you don't pay attention? That is more 
than obvious.

If you had been paying attention, you would have noticed these.

Leftist outrage over the Clinton email investigation

leftist outrage over the Benghazi investigation

leftist outrage over the Comey Clinton announcement.

leftist outrage over the Nunes memo