From: Alan Baker <>
Subject: Re: Obamagate
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From: Alan Baker <>
Subject: Re: Obamagate
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2018 11:43:43 -0800
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On 2018-02-08 11:43 AM, MNMikeW wrote:
> Lord Butthurt wrote:
>> On  8-Feb-2018, Alan Baker<>  wrote:
>>>> If you had been paying attention, you would have noticed these.
>>>> Leftist outrage over the Clinton email investigation
>>> Rightly so.
>>> They investigated it over and over and over...
>>> ...and found nothing.
>> Because 30,000 emails were deleted, blackberries destroyed and servers 
>> wiped
>> clean....all after a subpoena had been served.
> Not to mention the classified emails found on both her server and the 
> ones she forwarded to Huma, found on Weiners laptop.
> Baker is in denial they didn't find anything. The PARTISAN DOJ chose not 
> to charge her with anything due to her upcoming coronation.

They found next to nothing.

>>> ...but you want to insist Comey was in collusion with the Democrats.
>> Considering the FBI confirmed that James Comey drafted a letter 
>> exonerating
>> Hillary Clinton long before investigation was complete....than yes, he 
>> was
>> in collusion with them.
> It's more than obvious. Don't forget, this exoneration letter was 
> drafted BEFORE she was even interviewed.

Cite please...