Subject: Re: OT: You gave Trump all the credit for the gains...
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Subject: Re: OT: You gave Trump all the credit for the gains...
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Bobby writes:
> Alan Baker  wrote: 
>>On 2018-02-08 6:05 PM, Moderate wrote: 
>>> -hh Wrote in message: 
>>>> On Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 7:42:15 PM UTC-5, Alan Baker wrote: 
>>>>> ...despite the fact that he hadn't actually done anything to change the 
>>>>> climate established by the previous adminstration... 
>>>>> will he get the blame for the losses by you wing nuts? 
>>>> And sometimes, it pays to get out of the market ... right "Moderate"? 
>>>> <> 
>>> Always a mistake. 
>>Not that you'll ever tell us what you mean by that... 

Moderate is being ignorant of how & why one should periodically rebalance,
as well as to shift ratios based on risk tolerance.  With the Dow being so far up 
in 2017, pretty much everyone was due to shift ("cash out") a portion of those 
gains out, and into the other segments to have a balanced portfolio.  

> It doesn't matter what he meant his 40G is gone.  He's not rich anymore.

Gosh, golly:  there's been a sudden cessation of his bravado...