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Subject: Re:Good God....
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Subject: Re:Good God....
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MNMikeW<> Wrote in message:
> Is there ANYBODY at the FBI that isn't a complete fucking moron?
> Released texts between Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who ran the 
> investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?s email 
> server, and his lover, FBI attorney Lisa Page, reveal the strong 
> possibility that Strzok used his cell phone in a SCIF ? a strict 
> violation of protecting classified information.
> The FBI didn?t notice that some emails from Hillary Clinton?s private 
> email server were marked classified with a ?(C)? when they were sent ? 
> something that seemingly would have been one of the first and most 
> obvious checks in an investigation, and one that FBI agents instantly 
> recognized put the facts at odds with Clinton?s public statements.
> The Intelligence Community Inspector General spotted it after the FBI 
> missed it, texts between FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, FBI 
> lawyer Lisa Page, reveal. ?Holy cow,? Strzok wrote, ?if the FBI missed 
> this, what else was missed??

Now we know why Comey announced Hillary was back under investigation.