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Subject: Re: OT: You gave Trump all the credit for the gains...
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From: MNMikeW <>
Subject: Re: OT: You gave Trump all the credit for the gains...
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2018 09:41:36 -0600
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Moderate wrote:
> -hh<>  Wrote in message:
>> Bobby writes:
>>> Alan Baker  wrote:
>>>> On 2018-02-08 6:05 PM, Moderate wrote:
>>>>> -hh Wrote in message:
>>>>>> On Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 7:42:15 PM UTC-5, Alan Baker wrote:
>>>>>>> ...despite the fact that he hadn't actually done anything to change the
>>>>>>> climate established by the previous adminstration...
>>>>>>> will he get the blame for the losses by you wing nuts?
>>>>>> And sometimes, it pays to get out of the market ... right "Moderate"?
>>>>>> <>
>>>>> Always a mistake.
>>>> Not that you'll ever tell us what you mean by that...
>> Moderate is being ignorant of how&  why one should periodically rebalance,
>> as well as to shift ratios based on risk tolerance.  With the Dow being so far up
>> in 2017, pretty much everyone was due to shift ("cash out") a portion of those
>> gains out, and into the other segments to have a balanced portfolio.
>>> It doesn't matter what he meant his 40G is gone.  He's not rich anymore.
>> Gosh, golly:  there's been a sudden cessation of his bravado...
>> -hh
> Such a liar.  Rebalancing is not 'cashing out' as you claimed you
>   did.
> Rebalancing is what experienced investors like myself have done
>   for years.  You are such a fraud you don't understand the basic
>   terminology of investing.
> I previously posted how my accounts are ballanced.  Your claims of
>   cashing out are completely amateur, nickel and dime
>   nonsense.
> I have one broker, he knows what my strategy is.  You claim to
>   have three brokers.  That is zero strategy.

Is HH such a simpleton he does not understand a what a "paper loss" is?