Subject: Re: Hey gang, let's have a parade!
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Subject: Re: Hey gang, lets have a parade!
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2018 15:48:32 GMT
Organization: Despising the Shitstain
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On  9-Feb-2018, Carbon<> wrote:

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> > Hmmmm... 89% isn't even close to a majority, right?
> And this is the military, which ordinarily is strongly pro-Republican.
> According to the left-leaning, Trump enjoys an approval rating
> of 48% among enlisted men but only 30% among officers. I'm guessing
> differences in education and reasoning ability account for much of the
> disparity between these two groups.
> Trump's overall net 44% approval / 40% disapproval rating among military
> members is catastrophically low, especially considering this should be one
> of his strongest constituencies.

Also the article didn't bother to mention after 1 year in office Trump's
approval rating among the military is higher than Obama's 8 years in this ones for you...