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Subject: Re:Now I've heard everythihg
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Subject: Re:Now Ive heard everythihg
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2018 20:35:09 -0600 (CST)
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-hh<> Wrote in message:
> Tariffs will be a bag of hurt for the non-insiders...again, there?s a known history 
> that?s been studied to death:
> ?Willis Hawley and Reed Smoot were reviled for a bill blamed 
> for triggering the Great Depression. Will Trump follow their lead??
> <
> Plus the tax cuts without any engagement rules for industry will not benefit 
> the working joe, particularly as their actions become more plain:
> ??You?re not going to get the macro-economic benefit the administration 
> thought it was going to get from its tax cuts. It?s going to go to the areas 
> that don?t stimulate growth,? said Steve Ricchiuto, chief U.S. economist 
> at Mizuho Securities. ?Share buybacks are what they are. They give the 
> shareholders an opportunity to get the capital back and erase the value 
> of those who don?t.??
> -hh

Oh Lord. The civil service midget is giving another lesson in
 economics.  Keep drawing that government check.