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Subject: Re:One of these days...
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From: Moderate <>
Subject: Re:One of these days...
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-hh<> Wrote in message:
> Greg writes:
>> Bobby wrote:
>>>he's gonna run out of luck.  This time? 
>> I?m gonna lie awake tonight worrying about this one?
>  As all Evangelicals really should.
>> What happened to Russia Russia Russia? 
> It isn?t a ?one-front war? paradigm:  it need not be an either/or, but very 
> well can be (and indeed is) conducted on multiple fronts and concurrently.
> And it isn?t like there haven?t been things on multiple topics to have 
> established these liabilities in the first place, so there?s no one else to blame, 
> even though we all also know that he?ll invariably try to blame someone else
> for his own life choices.
> -hh

What is this fool trying to say?  This is gibberish.