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On 03/07/2018 06:42 PM, -hh wrote:
> DD wrote:
>> Moderate wrote:
>>> -hh wrote:
>>>> You’re not going to get the macro-economic benefit the administration
>>>> thought it was going to get from its tax cuts. It?s going to go to
>>>> the areas that don?t stimulate growth,? said Steve Ricchiuto, chief
>>>> U.S. economist at Mizuho Securities. ?Share buybacks are what they
>>>> are. They give the shareholders an opportunity to get the capital
>>>> back and erase the value of those who don’t.??
>>> 500 new jobs.
> 500?  Is that all? The solar tariff bill alone killed 20,000 jobs
>> What's the price? Jobs... and the rest.
> Indeed:  the last time the Republicans tried steel tariffs (2002)had
> lots of unintended consequences and John b losses across more industries
> than merely the steel mill.
>> You could yet have double digit inflation if Trump gets his way.
> That too.  And envision just how much more debt service interest
> payments are going to be:  if memory serves, the 2017 tax bill will cost
> each taxpayer household nearly $500/yr just in interest if the rate is
> only 4%...if that ramps to even only 8%, the interest alone will be
> roughly equal to what the bill claims to save each household.
I do hope these fools get the boot before they do lasting damage.