From: Alan Baker <>
Subject: Re: Biased...maybe. True...absolutely
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Subject: Re: Biased...maybe. True...absolutely
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2018 13:59:37 -0800
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On 2018-03-08 1:58 PM, Moderate wrote:
> MNMikeW<> Wrote in message:
>> Moderate wrote:
>>> Wrote in message:
>>>> This will be met with the usual denigration from some here.  The same
>>>> ones that deign to post tweets that are biased.  If this will be read
>>>> with an open mind it'll be clear that even though it may be biased it
>>>> is factual and there won't be one thing that can be said is otherwise.
>>> Even Booby knows he needs to forewarn the
>>> reader that this opinion
>>>    piece is shit.
>>> Why would he even post it?  He is a mental defective.
>> And yet, he has a completely different view of opinion pieces we post.
>> Gee, wonder why. Maybe if he only had an open mind.
> The MSM and the morons who pay attention to their drivel are
>   essentially dishonest.  There is no Trump Russia collusion.
>   There has never been any evidence.  Even Shifty Schiff was forced
>   to admit it just last week.
> There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that Hillary,  DNC and
>   the Obama Administration colluded with Russia in attempt to
>   overturn a Presidential election.  There is no point in
>   discussing anything with these lying loons.  They are serial
>   liars and mentally ill.

There is literally no evidence of that.

> No sane person could see this any other way, which is why Trump's
>   approval numbers are higher than Obama's.

At the polling site most biased in favour of Trump...