From: Alan Baker <>
Subject: Re: Trump walks back
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From: Alan Baker <>
Subject: Re: Trump walks back
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On 2018-07-19 11:05 AM, John B. wrote:
> On Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 12:14:23 PM UTC-4, DumbedDownUSA wrote:
>> Moderate wrote:
>>> Wrote in message:
>>>> On Thu, 19 Jul 2018 00:20:27 -0700, Alan Baker<>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> On 2018-07-18 10:54 PM, Dene wrote:
>>>>>> Greg's basically a troll, so I have no doubt that he'll be able
>>> to adapt >>> when the evidence drops. But the rest of these
>>> snowflakes... I dunno.  >>>
>>>>>> Bullshit. I just refuse to speculate or affirm overreactions. If
>>> indictments come out, implicating Trump, I’ll stand in line to
>>> support impeachment. Until then...I support most of his decisions and
>>> enjoy ridiculing the lunatic left.  >>>
>>>>> You'll make excuses every step of the way.
>>>> Again. None here have suggested that Trump himself colluded with the
>>>> Russians.  At least not on the election. The lunatic left (and
>>>> right) deserve ridicule but then that would be amazing for
>>>> you(Greg) to ridicule yourself....but correct.
>>>> ii
>>> Bullshit.  Dems are trying to subpoena the translator from Trump
>>>   Putin meeting.
>> That is because no-one can trust a word that comes from Trumps lips and
>> you should know what he has been saying to one of your countries most
>> dangerous enemies.
>> They are worried that he has undermined your own security agencies.
>> You should try to understand what you are talking about... even if your
>> president fails to do the same.
>> -- 
>> If I am not the real DDUSA I must be the overweight attention seeking
>> loser sitting on my mothers couch in underpants I haven't changed in a
>> week.
>> Trump averages eight falsehoods a day; how you doin'?
> They're not trying to subpoena her. They're considering convening
> a hearing with her as the witness. She says she quit, in part,
> because Trump excluded her from meetings where he didn't want
> any record of what was said. She said Obama never did that.

I think you are conflating two people:

The translator at Trump's private meeting with Putin and the White House