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Subject: Re: Princess Diamond Japan
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Subject: Re: Princess Diamond Japan
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Tokyo is huge so definitely take a tour that shows you the highlights. 
If you are there for more than one day, visit the fish market in the 
early morning for a VERY interesting experience.  And, in Yokohama, 
there is a place called Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum.  It is a great place 
to go and have some of the best Ramen available.  There is a charge to 
get in since it is basically a theme park.  When you go in, it is like 
popping back to late 50s Japan.  I think there are about a half dozen 
(maybe more) Ramen shops and each has a different style.  Plus, there 
are a couple of other shops where you can get other goodies to get for 
gifts.  Anywhere you go, visit as many castles and temples as possible.

An oddity on the food ... only beers and bread are served BIG. 
Everything else is fairly small serving sizes.  And if you order a soft 
drink without ice, you will most likely get only half a glass and no 

You have to find a kaiten sushi place.  Besides being good, most are 
pretty fun, too.  We found one that, as you finished one plate, you fed 
it into a slot and got a small prize.  Plus, for every five plates you 
got a spin of a wheel to win another surprise.  I love everything they 
had on the conveyor ... except the natto.  They say it is an acquired 
taste, but I just couldn't get past the first bite.

Most important, have fun and try EVERYTHING!  Japan is a fun place to visit.



On 6/15/2017 5:07 PM, Ronw wrote:
> I am doing back to back north and south island in August
> Been on many other cruises but never Princess or Japan
> Tips appreciated please
> Which shore excursions or do your own?
> Bringing alcohol on board ?
> Dining?
> I realise english speaking guests are in the minority

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