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Subject: Re: Mice hunting
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On Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 6:03:10 PM UTC-5, Marty McMahone wrote:
> So there are some mice in the attic and I've been trying to trap them. Have had some success. Went
up a few minutes ago. One trap has been sprung without catching anything. One apparently fell and
scared the mouse off (still baited). 
> But the weird one -- one of the traps is simply gone. It is nowhere to be seen. What the heck is
up with that?

Poison, before they get in the house.  And figure out where they are getting in.  Check your garage
door seals for starters.  

I know that's not what you were asking, but we fight mice endlessly on  a grain farm in the middle
of corn fields.  Used to hate it when they'd die in the furnace ducts in the old house and reek for
three days.  

Btw, my brother is a paramedic, and has entered houses with days old bodies...he said 'you know what
a dead mouse smells like?  Take it times 100'

I couldn't do it.