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From: The Cheesehusker, Trade Warrior <iamtj4life@gmail.com>
Subject: So the Blue Team had a good night
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Subject: So the Blue Team had a good night
From: "The Cheesehusker, Trade Warrior" <iamtj4life@gmail.com>
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last night, mainly in VA but elsewhere too.

Big takeaways - A) Northram outpolled by a *lot*  B)  Just as Trump was a "pushback" type of vote,
the anti-Trump vote is going to fire up the blue base a lot.  C)  Mainstream cons have zero reason
to come out right now given the lack of production from the president or Congress  D) Labeling your
opponent as a kid killer hunting them with trucks apparently works  E) we'll all read too much and
too little into the results and forget all the times Congress has flipped to the president's first
term flops.  F)  Speaker Pelosi

G)  Weird political tidbit - Trump is the 5th straight president to have both the VA and NJ
gubernatorial election go against his party in his first term