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Subject: Re: 13-0 will NOT be enough... The Committee has spoken...
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On Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 9:41:58 AM UTC-8, michael anderson wrote:
> UW's problem before the championship game(which they will probably lose anyways) is that if they
lose to Michigan theywill likely need a good bit of help even if they win championship game and go

A Wisconsin regular-season loss ends the Big 10 as a CFP entity this year for more than just me.

> If UW goes 13-0 they will be fine and get in(although they are very unlikely to win it all).  I
just think UWs problem is that they won't go 13-0.  They stand a good chance of losing either to
Michigan or tOSU.

They need further help.  I can come up with:

Two of Auburn/Georgia/Alabama
The Notre Dame/Miami winner
You could still get Miami in with an ACCCG win over Clemson

The Badgers need significant help in all that shaking out to open up a spot.