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Subject: Re: should I consider the corvette zora?
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Subject: Re: should I consider the corvette zora?
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On Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 9:53:59 PM UTC-5, michael anderson wrote:
> that is supposed to come out sorta soon?
> It's the mid-engine corvette.  

I've owned a few sports cars but have never liked Corvettes.  I've done a few test drives
in them and always felt like my ass was dragging on the ground.  

Of course I'm no longer interested in sports cars of any kind.  Now I Cadillacs.  
I lease a new one every three years from the same guy at the same dealership.
No hassles, no maintenance problems and they wash it for me any time I stop in.

Now some of my nephews have tried, over the years, to convince me to "go wild" and buy 
a pick-up truck.  I told them I don't like trucks and, as a loyal fan of God's own Ohio State
I do not want to run the risk of ever being mistaken for some red neck Alabama Crimson 
Shit Kicker fan!

Irish Mike