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Subject: Re: So the Blue Team had a good night
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Subject: Re: So the Blue Team had a good night
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On 2017-11-09, <> wrote:
> But it won't Connie.

Won't what? Increase the risk? That is certainly an opinion to have, I
suppose, but it is only an opinion.

The Northram-linked anti-Gillespie ad literally made accusations against
Gillespie voters.

> And it was racist as hell.

That's a matter of opinion. MS-13 is Hispanic, and a huge percentage
of its members here are illegals. Sanctuary cities harbor illegal

Again, the two aren't even in the same ballpark. Not even close.

Because it doesn't even pretend to attack a real position that
Gillespie took, but implies that Gillespie voters are child-killers,
the ad run by Dems is worse than the Willie Horton ad. And that is
saying a whole bunch.

There's nothing sweeter than life nor more precious than time.
-- Barney