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From: michael anderson <mianderson79@gmail.com>
Subject: mianderson's take on Roy Moore....
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Subject: miandersons take on Roy Moore....
From: michael anderson <mianderson79@gmail.com>
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yeah....I'd certainly guess he did it as opposed to him not doing it.  Its a well sourced story and
there were other reports of him kissing girls half his age around the same time.  Apparently it was
kind of well known that in his 30s he liked teens.

I dislike roy moore.  Full of shit all the way around...even before this story.

He's a hustler.  A useless lawyer who is supported by a lot of democratic interests actually(like
trial lawyers and tort lawyers).  He's a con artist.  He represents the worst part of the republican
party.  He is the type of republican that makes me sick to be a republican sometimes.  

Still, as bad as he is.  Doug Jones is worse maybe.  I won't vote for either of these clowns.