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Subject: Re: So the Blue Team had a good night
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Subject: Re: So the Blue Team had a good night
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On 2017-11-09, <> wrote:
> Not an opinion Connie - there is research out there.

Please don't make me laugh.

> One can't
> directly predict the effects on general crime but one can predict what
> happens related to gangs. Groups like MS-13 primarily target their own
> - just like all of the early ethnic gangs did. The whole Mafia wars of
> the 20's were about replacing the old guard that continued to want to
> continue extortion of fellow Italians with younger crooks that wanted
> to broaden out to other rackets. Likewise, MS-13 does the same with
> Central American immigrants. They will thrive In an environment where
> the victims cannot dare go to authorities - not just out of fear of
> reprisals, but fear of deportation. This makes the criminals even more
> powerful and the victims even more desperate to where they are coerced
> into illegal acts themselves.

We need to protect the *good* illegals!

> But they real problem I have with the commercial is using the imagery
> of tattooed thugs to paint the whole of the undocumented population as
> dangerous criminals. There were 3 murders attributed to MS-13 in VA
> last year, yet from the commercial you'd think they were some
> rampaging gang straight out of Mad Max.

Only 3? Just three? And how many terrorized? How many people have
to change their life, if not lose it, because Democrats want more voters?

> The commercial by the Latino group against Gillespie was despicable
> but not racist (unless your position is that only white people vote
> for Republicans).

It is utterly racist. It says "Gillespie voters are racist" which is
racist in and of itself. 

Everything the Dems do is racist. They claim "I'm the victim, I'm the
victim! Take things away from white people to make it right!" 

> Racist, despicable, and paid for by your own
> campaign wins for me. At the very least, Gillespie should have pawned
> that nonsense off to some outside attack group.

You guys can try and spin anything. The MS-13 ad is policy-based, no
matter your "facts". The Northam ad had nothing to do with policy, it 
only made racist insinuations.

That a few of us need to be more in touch with our feelings has obscured
a deep truth: many more folks need to be much less in touch with theirs.
-- Eric Weinstein