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Subject: Thoughts and Prayers
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From: "Con Reeder, unhyphenated American" <constance@duxmail.com>
Subject: Thoughts and Prayers
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Some on the left mock "thoughts and prayers". Of course, they know
nothing of prayer, but they'll mock it anyway.

Anyone who does know anything about prayer knows the the main
beneficiary of prayer is the person doing the praying. Sure, believers
do believe that the power of prayer works by summoning power to help
others, but no one would say that it is an on-demand magic bullet that
operates like a command to God. Very few believe in a God that finds
the faithful parking places.

And to show that it works, guess who *isn't* out shooting up churches,
concerts, and softball games? Guess who isn't tackling U.S. Senators
in fits of partisan rage? People who pray.

The people doing the above have mostly been leftist atheists, or
perhaps Muslims who contaminate their own prayers by praying for Jews
and infidels to die. Scalise shooter? Leftie nut. Las Vegas guy? No
faith of any kind. Sutherland Springs shooter? Outspoken atheist and
leftie. Tackler of Rand Paul? Rabid leftie and atheist. New York truck
killer? Muslim praying for death to others. Etc, etc, etc.

Life isn't fair, but it's good. -- Regina Brett