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Subject: Found on the internet
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Subject: Found on the internet
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Found on the internet

| To me it's just this simple:
| Feminists, Democratic Women, Leftist Chicks hung their entire
| feminist agenda on on putrid vile horrendous thing--infanticide
| by tortuous dismemberment for the sake of convenience. This was a
| big fat honking signal to male sleaze bags that as long as they
| supported infanticide by tortuous dismemberment (Which suited
| them just fine, BTW, because who wants to pay support for some
| whore's kid, amirite??), they could pretty much do whatever they
| wanted to those women--including rape, and any other vile debased
| behavior that suited their sick fancies.
| Leftist woman bought and paid for their own mistreatment at the
| hands of scumbags with the blood and shattered tissue of their
| unborn children.

Michael Press