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From: JGibson <james.m.gibson@gmail.com>
Subject: Fixing the bowl game sites
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Subject: Fixing the bowl game sites
From: JGibson <james.m.gibson@gmail.com>
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OK.  Not changing any matchups, just the locations of the games to suit my need from a historical

Clemson vs. Alabama - Alabama was not the SEC champion, so this should not be the Sugar Bowl.  This
is the Orange Bowl, now going to the ACC champ.

Georgia vs. Oklahoma - I'll concede to the newer alignments.  And now we have Big 12 champ vs. SEC
champ in the Sugar Bowl, so this is the Sugar Bowl.

USC vs. Ohio State - Move this game from the Cotton Bowl to the Rose Bowl.  There, now I feel better.

Wisconsin vs. Miami - I moved Clemson to the Orange Bowl, so I've got to move this matchup.  Slide
this one into the Citrus Bowl.  I considered the now open Cotton but I didn't like the geography

LSU vs. Notre Dame - Move this one to the Cotton Bowl.  No more SWC, but LSU makes a decent anchor
for the Cotton.

The rest can be left alone.