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Subject: Re: Moving the Embassy to Jerusalem
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Subject: Re: Moving the Embassy to Jerusalem
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On 2017-12-06, <> wrote:
> Has shockingly turned "Palestinian" hearts against Israel and the US. 
> It's a sad day in the Middle East when a peaceful people are pushed to the brink.  

The left is already blaming any deaths on Trump. In other news, western
governments are going to take the blame for all the deaths in WWII, because
they didn't keep appeasing Hitler.

Though my heart be left of centre, I have always known that the only
economic system that works is a market economy, in which everything
belongs to someone -- which means that someone is responsible for
everything. It is a system in which complete independence and plurality
of economic entities exist within a legal framework, and its workings
are guided chiefly by the laws of the marketplace. This is the only
natural economy, the only kind that makes sense, the only one that can
lead to prosperity, because it is the only one that reflects the nature
of life itself. -- Vaclav Havel