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Subject: Re: you can win a national title at tennessee....
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On Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at 3:30:19 PM UTC-5, michael anderson wrote:
> with those resources and the potential to recruit there....
> thats why Im surprised to see some coaches turn it down.
> I get mullen turning it down- florida is a better job.
> But if you are gundy?  They were going to pay him more,and you can get better players at tennessee
than okstate.  You just can- check the recruiting ranking averages over the last 5, 10 years.
Tennessee beats them every year,and usually by a good margin.  Okstate has had more success over
that time because of competition and mostly because of coaching(gundy vs dooley and jones, two
idiots) but tennesseeis a better job with more resources, much larger fan base,more history, more
money, and better recruiting potential.....
> And then for jeff brohm to turn it down is even stranger.  I guess his strategy is to get ourdue
on an upswing and eventually take a true top ten job, but isn't that a pretty big risk?  If a big
upswing at purdue never happens and that top ten job doesnt come, you just passed up tennessee to
stay at purdue....ugh.

One of the rumors I read said that Fulmer was going around intentionally sabotaging Currie.  That
Currie and Brohm had agreed one some numbers but that the chancellor with the aid of Fulmer wouldn't
let Currie go that high and therefore they lowballed Brohm.