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On 2017-12-06, Hardy<> wrote:
> On 05 Dec 2017, xyzzy<> posted some
>> San Antonio?  I was there in Feb 2016 for a conference. Yeah not much
>> to the city but get some BBQ on the Riverwalk. IIRC County Line has an
>> all you can eat brisket, sausage, pork and chicken dish. The Swedish
>> customers we were eating with were duly impressed. By that and the
>> cheap alcohol. 
> Swedish customers would be impressed, because a 'decent' meal in Sweden at 
> an upscale restaurant is meat and boiled potatoes on a plate that will 
> cost $75 USD each, drinks, salads, and desert are extra.
> You can eat better at the local mall for $10.

Yes, I had some sticker shock when I visited Stockholm. It was quite
a bit better in Karlskrona and Gothenberg, but still about the same as
high cost-of-living places in the U.S. like New York or Seattle, i.e.
25% higher than flyover country.

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