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Subject: Re: Sucks to be a "kneeler"...
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Subject: Re: Sucks to be a "kneeler"...
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On 2017-12-06, <> wrote:
> I think most men are like, "meh". 
> I've had more than women hit on me inappropriately, but who cares?

I'm no matinee idol, but I don't wear a wedding ring and do a lot of
traveling by myself, in other words patronize restaurants alone.
Waitresses used to hit on me fairly often, in a mild way. I just
didn't play along, or made some reference to my wife/girlfriend, and
there was nothing that would happen. All this pretty much stopped once
I hit 60. Now I assume if they talk to me, it's because I'm old and safe.
I have no illusions of grandeur.

I believe gay men can tell that you aren't, and they seem to do this
thing with their eyes. I guess you're supposed to react if you are
interested. It doesn't take long before they realize they are going to
get nowhere with me.

I seem to remember a couple of pushy guys in the hazy memory of my 20s
and 30s, but all I had to do was say "Are you kidding" and look a bit
threatening and they cooled their jets pretty quickly. It helps to be
6'2" and 200 pounds.

"The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good
ending, then having the two as close together as possible."
-- George Burns