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Subject: Re: History Between Teams for Bowl Games on Dec. 29th
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From: (J. Hugh Sullivan)
Subject: Re: History Between Teams for Bowl Games on Dec. 29th
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2017 17:18:08 GMT
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On Thu, 7 Dec 2017 06:40:06 -0800 (PST), JGibson<> wrote:

>Dec. 29th (Friday):
>Belk Bowl: Wake Forest vs. Texas A&M
>First ever meeting.
>Sun Bowl:  N.C. State vs. Arizona State
>Series is tied at 1-1.  Both games played in Tempe, one in 1960 (Arizona St=
>ate won 25-22) and one in 1974 (N.C. State won 35-14).  Based on the way te=
>ams schedule today, these were sort of weird late season games.  Maybe N.C.=
> State was using the trip to Arizona State like a bowl game?
>Music City Bowl:  Kentucky vs. Northwestern
>A single meeting back in 1928, when Northwestern was a member of the Wester=
>n Conference (now known as the Big Ten) and Kentucky was a member of the So=
>uthern Conference (before the SEC's giant breakaway).  Northwestern won the=
>ir home game 7-0.
>Arizona Bowl:  New Mexico State vs. Utah State
>Seems appropriate.  Two states that touch only at a corner playing a game i=
>n one of the other two four corners states.  Utah State leads the all-time =
>series 30-7.  Have played each other 26 times as conference opponents as me=
>mbers of the PCAA, Big West, Sun Belt, and WAC.  Their first ever meeting w=
>as also New Mexico State's last bowl game: the 1960 Sun Bowl.  Utah State w=
>on that game 20-13.
>Cotton Bowl:  USC vs. Ohio State
>USC holds the all-time lead 13-9-1.  This is their first ever meeting in a =
>bowl game other than the Rose Bowl.  USC holds a 4-3 lead in the Rose Bowl =
>and 9-6-1 lead in regular season games (5-2-1 in Los Angeles and 4-4 in Col=
>umbus).  USC has won 7 straight in the series (3 Rose Bowls in '75, '80, an=
>d '85 and 4 regular season games in '89, '90, '08, and '09).

I'll bet history does not repeat itself.


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